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Your online traffic school course fee is only $5.00!

Your course fee of $5.00 includes everything you need to fulfill your traffic school requirement.

Step 01.

Select Your Processing Method

Your certificate of completion will be processed 3 business days after completion and electronically submitted to the TVCC System shared by both the Court and DMV to verify Certificates of Completion.

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Step 02.

Select Your Certification Method

We will send you an email upon completion of our course. However, we recommend the following options due to the inefficiencies at the Court/DMV level we have seen in our 24 years of experience.

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Step 03.

Pass Guarantee Offer

The DMV only allows you 2 attempts to pass the final exam (it’s ridiculous). We offer a Guaranteed Pass Promise. If you fail the 2 allowed attempts we reset your account so you can try again for FREE!

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